Bailey’s Back!

Not that Bailey really went anywhere, but he is back in case you were wondering. 😉

Bailey also needs a haircut… but that’s besides the point.

During our trip to the mountains this past weekend, we stopped into my favorite restaurant Tupleo Honey Cafe. Note to all those interested: the location in South Asheville accepts reservations and generally seems to not be as busy as the one in the downtown area. Not that it doesn’t get busy… but it’s bigger so they can seat more people. Just a tip if you don’t feel like waiting 2 hours or more for lunch.

photo 1

I bring up Bailey because during our day trip we took some time to walk around the downtown Asheville area and I finally got the chance to visit the Three Dog Bakery. I’ve seen this bakery on television several times and I always mean to stop by whenever I’m in Asheville. If you don’t know what Three Dog Bakery is ( and can’t tell from the name) it’s a doggy bakery. They make treats out of all natural ingredients. Safe enough for humans to eat… although I’m sure it would be a fairly bland treat. They make beautiful treats, truffles, and even birthday cakes for pups. I should have taken pictures of everything. The birthday cake was adorable and I think they even had carrot cake pupcakes.

photo 5

They also have all sorts of puppy accessories. We ended up buying this really cool traveling water bottle for dogs. You fill it with water and it has a ball in the top to stop water from flowing through unless the dog pushes on it with his tongue. We thought that would be an invaluable purchase for long trips, hikes, and visits to the dog park. Not to mention, it’s so freaking cute.

photo 2 (2)

I knew I could not leave this place without buying Bailey some sort of treats. So I picked out three cute ones. 1.) Football since his dad is such a big football fan. 2.) Squirrel with carob coated tail (instead of chocolate) since Bailey’s favorite toy is his stuffed animal squirrel. 4.) Ghost – well obviously because Halloween is coming up.

photo 3 (1)

Today in celebration of the Carolina Panther’s win over Minnesota, I let Bailey have his first treat.

photo 4

He enjoyed it so much that he was wagging his tail the entire time he was eating the treat.

Wait till he finds out he has two more waiting for him… 🙂


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