Enjoying Christmas Vacation

So I’m going to switch things up a little on this blog… I’m going to try and blog more frequently. It may be about random life happenings and it may be related to specific topics. If it’s too much, let me know.

The past few days Eric and I have been enjoying our xtmas vacay. After Christmas we returned to the house where we have mostly vegged out but we have ventured out some.

Yesterday we had a delicious lunch/brunch at my favorite restaurant: Tupelo Honey Cafe. It originated in Asheville, NC (I think) and has finally come to Charlotte. I first discovered it on a family trip to Asheville. Ever since then I have been captivated by this place.

After brunch/lunch we headed over to Atherton Mill to get some local coffee /tea. During this visit I discovered a vender selling 100% soy candles. I have been in search of soy candles (that don’t cost $30 or more) given my recent findings on the chemicals in candles.


These candles set me back $20 for two. They last for 60 hours and when they are finished I can return the empty jars and receive a discount on future candle purchases. I fell in love with all of the scents but finally settled on “Campfire” and “Mint Julep.”

Finally it was time for our main attraction: The Book of Mormon. I have been looking forward to this production since I bought tickets months ago. It was fantastic and lived up to my high expectations. Eric who is probably the harshest critic, loved it and said he would see it again the next day if he could.

(Sorry for the poor quality)

We have been on a huge movie kick the past few days. We watched the Hobbit (#2) and The Butler. Both were fantastic. I expect that Anchorman and Saving Mr Banks are also in our near future.

Finally I’m taking some of my vacay to start planning my Italy trip (and learn Italian using Duolingo). I purchased two of Rick Steve’s books and we have started watching his video segments on Italy. It’s starting to feel real although I still think it won’t feel legit until we buy the plane tickets. Either way I’m getting ready.

Well that’s it for today. I’ll try and do more pictures next time so it’s not just me rambling.


One thought on “Enjoying Christmas Vacation

  1. I have got to check out that cafe… everyone is talking about it. And that candle place sounds awesome. Love that you can get future discounts. you always find the neatest places!

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