Bailey’s Back!

Not that Bailey really went anywhere, but he is back in case you were wondering. 😉

Bailey also needs a haircut… but that’s besides the point.

During our trip to the mountains this past weekend, we stopped into my favorite restaurant Tupleo Honey Cafe. Note to all those interested: the location in South Asheville accepts reservations and generally seems to not be as busy as the one in the downtown area. Not that it doesn’t get busy… but it’s bigger so they can seat more people. Just a tip if you don’t feel like waiting 2 hours or more for lunch.

photo 1

I bring up Bailey because during our day trip we took some time to walk around the downtown Asheville area and I finally got the chance to visit the Three Dog Bakery. I’ve seen this bakery on television several times and I always mean to stop by whenever I’m in Asheville. If you don’t know what Three Dog Bakery is ( and can’t tell from the name) it’s a doggy bakery. They make treats out of all natural ingredients. Safe enough for humans to eat… although I’m sure it would be a fairly bland treat. They make beautiful treats, truffles, and even birthday cakes for pups. I should have taken pictures of everything. The birthday cake was adorable and I think they even had carrot cake pupcakes.

photo 5

They also have all sorts of puppy accessories. We ended up buying this really cool traveling water bottle for dogs. You fill it with water and it has a ball in the top to stop water from flowing through unless the dog pushes on it with his tongue. We thought that would be an invaluable purchase for long trips, hikes, and visits to the dog park. Not to mention, it’s so freaking cute.

photo 2 (2)

I knew I could not leave this place without buying Bailey some sort of treats. So I picked out three cute ones. 1.) Football since his dad is such a big football fan. 2.) Squirrel with carob coated tail (instead of chocolate) since Bailey’s favorite toy is his stuffed animal squirrel. 4.) Ghost – well obviously because Halloween is coming up.

photo 3 (1)

Today in celebration of the Carolina Panther’s win over Minnesota, I let Bailey have his first treat.

photo 4

He enjoyed it so much that he was wagging his tail the entire time he was eating the treat.

Wait till he finds out he has two more waiting for him… 🙂

Bailey Turns Five: 4 Ingredient Dog Treats

I love celebrating birthdays… minus my own. Bailey’s birthday in particular is one of my favorites because he is so darn cute. I dream every year of having a doggie b-day party with all his doggie friends but I never find the time to plan it.

Regardless of a birthday party for Bailey, it has become a tradition to make homemade dog treats for the pooch. I even have a cookie cutter in the shape of a dog bone.


This year I found a recipe that was vegan and only three ingredients. I even went out and bought real peanut butter for these treats. I usually just eat PB2 since its less calories and all that jazz. While preparing the treats, there was no hesitation to lick the spoon of peanut butter. And I’m reminded of my love for peanut butter.


Bailey was overly anxious this year to receive his homemade deliciousness. He waited impatiently in the kitchen licking his chops and hovering over Eric as he hand-cut the treats.



We searched everywhere for the dog bone cookie cutter but of course it was no where to be found when I needed it. Eric was such a sweetie and cut all of the cookies by hand. They turned out great and each one has its own character.


Finally the cookies went into the oven and 40 minutes later the treats were out and cooling. As soon as they reached room temperature we gave Bailey the biggest one.



He immediately ran into the other room, tail wagging to savor his treat.


Peanut Butter Dog Treat

2 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup rolled oats
1/3 cup peanut butter
1 1/4 cup hot water


1.) Preheat oven to 350
2.) Mix dry ingredients together.
3.) Mix in the peanut butter and hot water
4.) Knead the dough well
5.) Roll out dough into 1/4 inch thickness and cut into shapes.
6.) Bake on greased pan for 40 minutes.

Storage: Good for one week at room temperature; 3 weeks in fridge; 6 months in freezer.

The Dog Days of Summer

This summer is coming to a close as we rapidly approach the Fall season (next week! eek!!). I for one am happy to see this hot Carolina summer go and welcome the arrival the crisp fall air.

I also realized that Bailey hasn’t made an appearance in a while and he would be terribly upset to find this out! He must have his agreed upon allotment of attention … OR ELSE!

A lot has been going on in Bailey’s life this summer.

He got a new fenced in backyard which he loves. We find that he goes outside and rolls around in the grass when we aren’t looking. We discovered this one day when looking out the window to check on him during one of his outdoor outings and found him continuously sniffing the ground then rolling onto his back for a good scratching. It’s  pretty hilarious. I think he believes this is a huge secret that he is hiding from us.

Secondly, at Bailey’s most recent doctor’s visit we found out that he is not fat but on the verge of becoming overweight. He is already taller than your average miniature schnauzer and weighs in at a hefty 30 some pounds. He has some slight love-handles starting so we decided to be proactive and change his diet.

We bought more protein based food with less corn-based products. Our favorite at the moment is Blue Wilderness and he loves it. We also have tricked Bailey into eating veggies instead of treats when he comes in the house after using the bathroom. The dog is officially addicted to carrots. You would think it was chocolate with how excited he gets when you pull out the bag of carrots. We’ve made it a routine to give him about 3 to 4 carrots as a treat in hopes that it will help thin him out.

In more recent health news for Bailey, we found that he has his first fatty tumor. One day when he was in my lap requesting his usual amount of petting, I noticed that he had a lump on his chest. Eric and I decided to schedule a doctor’s appointment. During the appointment, we found out that it was a tumor, luckily not a bad one but a very common one for dogs. After many questions to the doctor we are no longer concerned about the tumor but it was still scary at the moment to think for a second that Bailey’s life was in danger. It reminds me the unfortunate truth that Bailey is not going to be with us one day. A day that I hope does not come any time soon.


In more sad news ( I promise the next post will be more uplifting) our family cat Princess died this past week at the age of fourteen. She was a sweet cat who got along with dogs which is a rarity for most cats. We got her when I was a little girl and it’s going to be very hard to imagine life without her presence. This will be a change for Bailey as he makes it his mission to investigate her whereabouts during our trips to High Point. I wonder what he will think.

Why can’t dogs and cats live as long as humans? 😦

So that is your Bailey update. He will be happy to hear that he is getting some attention… as if he doesn’t get enough already. 😉

All I Want for Christmas

All I wanted for Christmas this year was a new camera lens for my Nikon D3100. I have the basic lens that came with the camera and then a pretty good 70-300mm lens which also works well. The one thing I was missing was a macro lens. After doing some research I found that its recommended that every photographer have 50mm macro lens. I found one on amazon that I really liked with a low f stop as well (1.8).

My parents were so generous as to purchase this lens for me for Christmas this year. Since then I have been playing with the lens a little and can already tell a difference. The bokeh or the blurring affect is amazing. I absolutely love this lens.


Of course with every photography purchase comes more pictures of Bailey. In the first two pictures you can tell how much Bailey needs a haircut. Luckily he got one the very next day.



The next picture is after his haircut in his usual spot – the blue chair in our office. I have debated so many times to get rid of that chair because it sticks out so bad, but Bailey loves it so much that it still stays in our office.



The final picture is just a picture of corks in a hurricane vase. I love hurricane vases. They are so simple but elegant at the same time. I kept all the corks from our wedding and have been collected other corks as well in hopes to make something really cool out of them all later.


Hope you enjoyed! This means lots of awesome pictures coming your way!