Front Door Appeal

The entrance of your house is an important place to decorate for the holidays. It’s what everyone who passes by your house will see. This year we kept it simple but next year I envision lots of lights and garland!

Bailey wanted to assist with this one as well. Of course he was distracted the whole time so not very helpful in the slightest but still cute. 🙂

I love my wreath. It was another purchase from Michaels. I had to get Eric to go out and get a suction cup to put it out. I bought a wreath hanger at first but apparently it doesn’t fit on my door. 😦 But the suction cup works just fine so I plan to use it year round.

The dog is too adorable as well. We got this dog at TJ Maxx a year or so ago. It’s supposed to be an indoor chalkboard but I thought his purpose was better served outside. The holly around his neck is actually supposed to go around a candle holder of some sort but I found it to be more appropriate for the dog to add some color on our front porch.

The shovels come from Garden Ridge another excellent place to find good holiday decorations on the cheap.

Not bad huh? Again next year we will up the ante with lots of lights and garland galore. I’m pretty excited about it.


Festive Decorating – The Family Room

This room has become my main focal point for decorating. Not just for holidays but in general. It’s the one place that all guests see. It’s also where Eric and I spend a lot of our time so its an essential room that I like to keep aesthetically pleasing to the eye. At least my eyes. 🙂

I used mostly decorations that I purchased last year after Christmas and picked up a few key items from Michaels.

First: The Mantle

This seems to always to be the center of focal point. I tried to keep it simple but I feel the one thing I am missing is garland. I also have my eye on some adorable stocking holders from Target for next year that totally scream my name.

This reindeer is my favorite piece. I have seriously contemplated looking for a miniature schnauzer one to keep up year round.  But then I got distracted from all the adorable puppy pictures that popped up instead.

These trees are supposed to be cowboy Christmas theme but I feel it also gives off a rustic feel that I can’t help but love.

Then there is the coffee table with a piece decorative accents.

Next is the kitchen. I got a matching tablecloth, kitchen towels, and pot holders from Target on sale last year.

For the simple fact that I bought all these items blindly, I have to say they went together quite well and I am happy with the turn out. Of course that doesn’t mean I won’t be back in Target this year finding even more fun decorative items! 😉

How did you decorate your house for Christmas?

Christmas Dining

So last time you got to see Bailey all decked out for Christmas. Next is the dining room.

I bought a bunch of items last year right after Christmas. I already have my eye on things for this year too. That’s the best time to buy, everything goes on crazy sales. I bought so much last year that I literally forgot what all I bought. It was a pleasant surprise when I started decorating. And somehow it all worked together nicely.

For the dining room, I used some golden leaf garland and a table top faux tree for a centerpiece. I actually bought these items the day after Black Friday. Michaels had a 2 hour sale with all Christmas decorations 50 to 60 percent off. Done!

The napkins were one of my pleasant surprises from last year’s shopping.

As well as all the decorations on the buffet.

I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful dining room. I’m in love. Let the Christmas cheer carry on!

How did you decorate you dining room?

The Modern Ballantyne Man Cave

This post has been way over due. Eric has been working on his “Man Cave” for a while now, but I think it’s practically finished. This was the one room in the house that I did not push my decorating opinions. The agreement when we bought our house together was that I had free reign on all rooms in the house for decorating except the Man Cave. This Man Cave is actually not a cave per se, but a bonus room on the second floor of our home decorated with all things manly and nerdy. 😉

The first step was painting. So I kindly asked my dad who is the Best Painter in the World 🙂 to come up for a weekend and help us paint. The idea was to do the bonus room and our master bathroom, but I had a meltdown and couldn’t decide on a color for the master suite… so back to the bonus room. After seeing Eric’s dad repaint his movie room to a brown color, Eric decided that was what he wanted as well.

Off to Sherwin Williams we go with a paint swatch that we want them to match. The color’s name: “Dark Truffle.” I think that was my favorite part, I love the name. Who doesn’t love truffles?

So my family came down Easter weekend to help us paint. And by family I mean, my dad because my sister, mom, and two lazy dogs napped while my dad and I painted and Eric went to get groceries for dinner.

Even Bailey didn’t help…. not that he would have been much help anyways. Instead he barked and whined while my dad and I were in the other room painting. At least he is persistent, I will give him that, haha.

Painting I think was the hardest part of prepping this bonus room.



I was nervous at first about the black furniture with the brown paint, but I think it turned out good.

Next was the accessories:

Then….the projector and projection screen! The projection screen was a house warming gift of some family friends. We are SO grateful to them for the wonderful gift and will/have put it to good use! 🙂

And of course black out curtains and more Eric decorating.

Can you guess the theme? Football, video games, and movies. Eric’s three loves in life, other than Bailey and me. 🙂

Lots of technology too. 🙂

Eric in action, warming up the projector for a quick movie demo.

This is a terrible shot below but this is how we watch shows like “True Blood” now.

Just like the movies.

I think Eric’s Man Cave surpassed his expectations. The only problem….

This little one is terrified of the Man Cave. As soon as a movie or television show comes on screen and the bass starts to boom, he is out of there! Poor Bailey. Unfortunately he doesn’t share the same love for loud explosions as his father.

Man Cave = Success!

Living Room Almost Finished!

I’m not sure if decorating can ever truly be “finished” but I think I am now in the process of putting finishing touches to our living room. Just small stuff such as replacing the window treatments, adding some additional pictures, and things of that sort. Nothing crazy. Most of the big stuff is finally done.

Next project will be finishing up both the dining room and office. Just small stuff in both of those rooms. I’m thinking yellow accents for the dinning room. Will keep you posted!