It’s a Pizza Pie! No it’s Just a Pie Maker

Well I found out today that I have the flu. Yay! And so does Eric since I passed it on to him. 😦  We have taken in so many vitamins, water, and all things good for you to fight this illness. Hoping it all clears up in time for training on Sunday.

One of my big Christmas gifts from Eric was the Breville Personal Pie Maker. Now I’ll be honest… I didn’t see much use in this appliance. Man was I wrong.

This has become one of my favorite appliances at the moment. Maybe because its new. Or maybe because it provides delicious and savory meals as well as desserts.


It’s a simple machine that almost seems useless… until you try it. We are currently using store bought crusts but I plan on making my own crust in the future. I haven’t figured out puff pastry crust yet, so that will be an adventure when the time comes. I also want to figure out how to make a lighter crust since that is where most of the calories are with this thing.

We first made strawberry pies (again using store bought filling) and it was ahh-mazing. I wanted to eat all four by myself. But luckily one is the perfect amount of dessert (and goes great with wine).

photo 1(2)

They are super cute right!

Then we made a chicken pot pie. Oh. My. Word. I think we have made chicken pot pie three times now. So freaking good. Yum.

photo 2(2)

So overall great Christmas gift choice by the hubby. Plus it’s so easy to clean. You literally wipe it down with hot water and then wipe dry. That is it. Can’t be more simple than that!

What fun Christmas gifts did you get this year?

Christmas Sweater Party

This year we hosted a Christmas party. Heather and Joe our close friends also helped by bringing tons of awesome food and of course the best Christmas outfits out of the whole group.

Heather and I worked all day to get all the final details finished and I have to say that we did a pretty good job. There was no shortage of food or drinks that is for sure.

We even had Dirty Santa games.

Everyone came out with their Christmas sweaters ready.

Eric and I borrowed sweaters from his mom. Mine was super comfy while Eric’s was a little on the scandalous side. 😉

Everyone took the sweater competition very seriously.

Overall we had a fabulous time. This might have to be a tradition we keep. I didn’t take many photos but hopefully next time I will. Thank you to everyone who came out!

Christmas Dining

So last time you got to see Bailey all decked out for Christmas. Next is the dining room.

I bought a bunch of items last year right after Christmas. I already have my eye on things for this year too. That’s the best time to buy, everything goes on crazy sales. I bought so much last year that I literally forgot what all I bought. It was a pleasant surprise when I started decorating. And somehow it all worked together nicely.

For the dining room, I used some golden leaf garland and a table top faux tree for a centerpiece. I actually bought these items the day after Black Friday. Michaels had a 2 hour sale with all Christmas decorations 50 to 60 percent off. Done!

The napkins were one of my pleasant surprises from last year’s shopping.

As well as all the decorations on the buffet.

I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful dining room. I’m in love. Let the Christmas cheer carry on!

How did you decorate you dining room?

Bailey’s Christmas Photo Shoot

With this being our first married Christmas together, I want to keep records of everything. The first up: Bailey. 🙂

I know that Bailey does not like clothes so I did my best to take photos of him by the Christmas tree without clothing included. It was a tough job. He would sit still until the moment that I got behind the tripod and sat on the floor. As soon as my butt touched the floor he thought it was play time and would immediately run to  me. The only way to get him to stay seated was for me to hold one of his articles of clothing (i.e. a t-shirt) and I then he didn’t want to run to me in fear of having the shirt put on him.

We got some great photos of him. I’m thinking one might be used on a Christmas card next year. Hope you enjoy!

This next one was a mess up, but I still kept it because it reminded me of those kids off Charlie Brown singing and all you can see is their mouths. Haha I know, I’m weird.

After the photo shoot, I think Bailey was pretty tired.

I hope you enjoyed them. Coming up next is some Ballantyne Christmas Decor. If you aren’t in the Christmas spirit yet… you will be soon!