Hi Fall, Sure… Come on in.

It’s finally my favorite time of the year: FALL.

I love the the color changing of the leaves, the smell of leaves burning, the feel of the cool air when wearing my sweaters, scarves, and boots. It’s the best time of the year.

I also love all the colors associated with fall. All the browns, reds, yellows, and greens. This season practically screams my name. I’ve accumulated some fall decor through the years and plan on seeking out more to fill my house with! I’ve definitely got the living room down to a fine art though. Just looking for more items (on sale at the end of the year) to decorate my dining room table as well.

This year has been great because Eric has found several decor items at yard sales. The two huge bushels by the fireplace and the pumpkins on top of the mantel were both yard sale finds. The two candle fixtures I have were both Better Homes and Gardens from Wal-Mart last year on sale. Can’t beat that!

I used my existing serving tray from another yard sale trip and added my candle fixture along with fake leaves. Simple but elegant.

On the small table I used my existing flower vase / jug to include some fall flowers that I’ve gathered over the years.

Also, what home is complete without fall exploding from your front door? I have very little Halloween decor as spiders, zombies, and half fingers and limbs really creep me out. But my little witch wreath on the front is what I’ll consider my recognition of Halloween. 🙂 Eric informs me that we will be purchasing Halloween decor this year but I my limitations (all things gross and scary).

I was lucky to find such festive followers at the Lowe’s Home Improvement store by our house. They added the perfect touch of fall.

I love these finishing touches. Including my wooden pumpkin sign.

This is the best time of the year and it reminds me that I’m only a few months away from Christmas. How is it already almost Christmas again!!

Have you put up your fall decorations yet?


Master Bedroom Unveiling

Eric and I purchased a new bedroom set which I absolutely adore.

But   with that, we also had to buy a new mattress. Eric wanted to switch it up from our regular queen size bed to a king sized bed this time. New mattress sizes mean all new bedding. I did tons of research on duvet covers, sheets, pillows. You can see my findings on sheets here.

I wanted to make sure we did it right this time since this was our master bedroom and all. We re-painted the bedroom and bathroom to more neutral colors… the red bathroom and green bedroom definitely become obnoxious the first week in the house so I was glad to see them both go.


Updates on the Master Bathroom will come later. I have yet to finish it.

We still are in search of a desk to replace mine from college and I need to add lamps as well as decor items to the space… but the big tasks are done.

Once again I decided to go with Sferra Bedding for my duvet cover and shams. I chose their Grande Hotel Collection. As I mentioned in my previous post on bedding, I was originally planning on going with Restoration Hardware’s Italian Satin Hotel Collection. This was of course before I discovered Sferra. The price difference alone for a thrifty girl like me was an improvement going from RH to Sferra. Not only that, it appeared that the quality of the product is superior for Sferra as well.

I purchased the Sferra bedding from a small store called Bedside Manor in the South Park area. The customer service was impeccable compared to RH where I stood around for 15 minutes until someone finally came by to answer my questions. Not to mention, RH appeared to have nothing in stock and would order it online for you but still charged you the shipping. Bedside Manor still had to order the bedding but I was not charged shipping. That should be the perks of purchasing from a store but apparently RH doesn’t understand that concept…. or friendliness for that matter.

My dad helped me paint the bedroom and bathroom. Luckily he is a professional so he helped us get the job done faster and probably with fewer mistakes. I was not born with the painting gene… that has become very obvious! 🙂

It’s so nice to have a relaxing bedroom that does not slap you in the face in the morning due to the extreme color choice on the walls. Our master bedroom is now an oasis that I look forward to returning to a night. I cannot wait to return to my warm and cozy bed. It makes going to sleep a luxurious treat each night.

What does your Master Bedroom look like?