Halloween in Review

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

We actually carved a pumpkin this year!

We picked our pumpkin at a local farm close by our house and didn’t end up carving it until the day before Halloween. Nothing like waiting till the last minute!

We kept putting off carving and finally came around to to it using just a magic marker and a kitchen knife. Keeping it classy! Haha.

Eric did most (if not all) of the carving since I am very clumsy and accident prone. Putting a knife in my hands would not have been the best idea for all of us. I probably would have ended up with less fingers and possibly even toes!


I kept the task of cleaning out the pumpkin seeds for roasting. Of which never happened. I might try this week since I’m sure seeds don’t go bad… at least not that quickly. So if you know of any good recipes… send them my way!

Ours was very uneventful, just the usual handing out candy and dressing Bailey up in another costume of which he hates. I don’t put clothing on him often, but Halloween is one of those times where dog clothing is most necessary (in my opinion at least!). šŸ™‚



Of course we had to take some simple photos (with awful lighting.. Go Amanda) and send them to the Grandma back in High Point.

We thought for sure that we were being clever leaving him in a costume while the kids rang our doorbell for Halloween goodies. Bailey usually freezes when clothed or even a blanket is placed on his back. However… he did not let his pumpkin costume prevent him fromĀ terrorizingĀ the children and barking continuously. Oh well. We tried.


I was pretty excited about how our pumpkin came out. We took a rough draft from Bailey’s costume… keeping it simple this year.

Pumpkin Carving Tip: Ā Use aĀ cantaloupeĀ scoop or ice cream scoop to clean out the seeds and sides of the pumpkin. It worked well and a lot quicker than doing it all by hand.Ā 

In the end, we ran out of candy (so many children!) and Bailey was released fromĀ his costume. It was a great Halloween and can’t wait for next year. Maybe next year I’ll dress up!



Bailey’s Christmas Photo Shoot

With this being our first married Christmas together, I want to keep records of everything. The first up: Bailey. šŸ™‚

I know that Bailey does not like clothes so I did my best to take photos of him by theĀ ChristmasĀ tree without clothing included. It was a tough job. He would sit still until the moment that I got behind the tripod and sat on the floor. As soon as my butt touched the floor he thought it was play time and would immediately run to Ā me. The only way to get him to stay seated was for me to hold one of his articles of clothing (i.e. a t-shirt) and I then he didn’t want to run to me in fear of having the shirt put on him.

We got some great photos of him. I’m thinking one might be used on a Christmas card next year. Hope you enjoy!

This next one was a mess up, but I still kept it because it reminded me of those kids off Charlie Brown singing and all you can see is their mouths. Haha I know, I’m weird.

After theĀ photo shoot, I think Bailey was pretty tired.

I hope you enjoyed them. Coming up next is some Ballantyne Christmas Decor. If you aren’t in the Christmas spirit yet… you will be soon!

Happy Halloween!!

This Halloween flew by for me. I didn’t even get to carve a pumpkin. šŸ˜¦

This was due to the fact that I was in St. Lucia on my honeymoon the week or so prior to Halloween. So I guess that means I cannot complain too much. šŸ˜‰ Oh well!

I did however find this curious little pumpkin at my house, like no other pumpkin I’ve seen.

He is too freaking cute isn’t he? He was not a fan of his costume as he hates to wear clothes. But I LOVE putting clothes on him!

Anyways, he didn’t have to wear it this Halloween since we were so busy, so you can bet your bottom dollar he will be wearing it next year!

Poor Bailey, I know. I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! šŸ™‚