Kitchen Impossible Complete

Our poor kitchen has been under renovations since the end of July. What was thought to be a one week project turned into a month long event… that is finally over.

If you know us, you know that our luck (mainly Eric’s) is the worst. If it could go wrong, it will go wrong. I had set my prepared myself for this prior to starting our project. I told myself I wouldn’t get upset, I would be patient, and then I failed. I kept my cool in the beginning and then eventually gave up on any sort of organization. People told me that you may love your contractor in the beginning but you will hate him by the end. Luckily I do not hate our contractor but there were moments where our patience was tested.

Our biggest issue was the granite. We go to pick out our slab with expectations that it will be installed within 5 days and was slapped in the face with disappointment. We went to see our selected slabs and found the most hideous vein across both slabs. This resulted in shear panic (by me) and a mad dash around town to find a separate fabricator. Given the short notice, we ended up sticking with our fabricator and lucked out with a new slab with the incoming weeks shipment. Thank goodness. And it was a slab I loved. Even better.

The granite then put a delay on the tile because the granite install took over twice as long to complete. But as of September 9, 2013 we have a finished kitchen. Everything is complete except for the island lighting. Which I am pretty sure I have picked out but it’s a little pricey. So I’m more than willing to leave the hole in the ceiling till I feel comfortable shelling out some cash on it.


photo 2

photo 3




In the end we did the following:

Refaced Cabinets

New Fridge, Gas Range, and Microwave

Extended Island

Recessed Lighting and Under-cabinet Lighting

Wine Cooler replacing old desk

Tile Back-splash

Granite Counter-tops

It ended up being a big undertaking, but completely worth it. I love every piece of my new kitchen. I may even start doing some video blogs in it. Eric and I are big entertainers so our kitchen is the most prized room in the house. I am looking forward to our first thanksgiving in the new kitchen. And as silly as I am, I cannot wait to have kids doing homework at the end of the island while I’m making dinner (yes it’s getting closer to that time).

We still have island lighting and to get new electrical socket covers. I’m taking my time on the lighting till I find exactly what I want.

They say the home is where the heart is. For us, the kitchen is where the heart is. I cannot wait to share it with everyone.