Master Bedroom Unveiling

Eric and I purchased a new bedroom set which I absolutely adore.

But   with that, we also had to buy a new mattress. Eric wanted to switch it up from our regular queen size bed to a king sized bed this time. New mattress sizes mean all new bedding. I did tons of research on duvet covers, sheets, pillows. You can see my findings on sheets here.

I wanted to make sure we did it right this time since this was our master bedroom and all. We re-painted the bedroom and bathroom to more neutral colors… the red bathroom and green bedroom definitely become obnoxious the first week in the house so I was glad to see them both go.


Updates on the Master Bathroom will come later. I have yet to finish it.

We still are in search of a desk to replace mine from college and I need to add lamps as well as decor items to the space… but the big tasks are done.

Once again I decided to go with Sferra Bedding for my duvet cover and shams. I chose their Grande Hotel Collection. As I mentioned in my previous post on bedding, I was originally planning on going with Restoration Hardware’s Italian Satin Hotel Collection. This was of course before I discovered Sferra. The price difference alone for a thrifty girl like me was an improvement going from RH to Sferra. Not only that, it appeared that the quality of the product is superior for Sferra as well.

I purchased the Sferra bedding from a small store called Bedside Manor in the South Park area. The customer service was impeccable compared to RH where I stood around for 15 minutes until someone finally came by to answer my questions. Not to mention, RH appeared to have nothing in stock and would order it online for you but still charged you the shipping. Bedside Manor still had to order the bedding but I was not charged shipping. That should be the perks of purchasing from a store but apparently RH doesn’t understand that concept…. or friendliness for that matter.

My dad helped me paint the bedroom and bathroom. Luckily he is a professional so he helped us get the job done faster and probably with fewer mistakes. I was not born with the painting gene… that has become very obvious! 🙂

It’s so nice to have a relaxing bedroom that does not slap you in the face in the morning due to the extreme color choice on the walls. Our master bedroom is now an oasis that I look forward to returning to a night. I cannot wait to return to my warm and cozy bed. It makes going to sleep a luxurious treat each night.

What does your Master Bedroom look like?


Bedding: An Overwhelming Decision

In the process of renovating our master bedroom we had to purchase all new bedding due to our transition from a queen size bed to a king bed. (unveiling soon to come).

I wanted to make sure I made the right decisions on sheets and I wanted our bed to be a special tranquil place. I did lots of research on different types of sheets and this is what I came out with:

Sferra Celeste Collection

These sheets are 406 thread count 100% Eygptian Cotton made in Italy. They are percale which means that they are a more crisp bedding versus sateen which may be softer but doesn’t give quite as crisp a look. Plus they are hemstitch which I am obsessed with. Love, love, love!

For our Duvet, I stayed with Sferra and purchased the Grande Hotel Collection; white with chocolate border. I originally had my eye on the Restoration Hardware version. But I’ve since discovered that RH is crazy and wanted $30 more dollars for the same thing as well as $40 shipping even if I went into the store to order it. Not to mention they were back ordered and who knows when I would have gotten it. No thanks! Sferra is a superior quality after all and with the $70 savings… I think I made the right decision.

I thought I would never do white bedding but after reading several blogs, it appears that it really is not that much harder to maintain. It does take some extra washing so definitely purchase a set that is machine washable. But other than that, it seems to be pretty easy to care for and especially since we don’t have cats or a dog that sheds (thank goodness schnauzers don’t shed!).

Through my research I have learned that the best quality linens come from Italy. In other countries such as India or China they are more likely to take short cuts for mass production which means lower quality. People are catching on to the fact that Italy is the best so you have to read the label carefully to ensure that the sheets were actually MADE in Italy.

You also have to pay attention to the make up of the sheets. A lot of brands claim to be Egyptian Cotton but they really are made up of only 50% Egyptian and 50% Polyester which will ultimately mean your quality is not as good and you may be subjected to piling. Not to mention they will not feel as nice as 100% Egyptian Cotton.

From what I can tell Egyptian cotton is the best over micro-fiber and other types of cotton. I believe it is the strongest so it should also last longer.

Also, thread count does not matter. Sometimes the higher the thread count, the stiffer the sheets. And many places advertise outrageous thread count numbers but they are multi-ply, meaning several strands on top of each other. You want to make sure you choose sheets that are single-ply. I also learned that in most cases the average person cannot tell the difference between a 400 thread count and a higher thread count.

I bought these sheets online for about and they are usually quite expensive but you will find the occasional eBay seller providing Sferra products. I also learned (afterwards of course) that TJ Maxx and Marshalls are great places to buy sheets. I found a similar luxury brand Pratesi at the TJ Maxx by our house. If they were a king I probably would have bought them too.

Although this was a steep purchase and I never expected to spend this much on sheets, I look at it as a great investment. Quality linens get softer as you wash them and they last for many years. I was reading reviews of folks who had their sheets for over 10 years and were returning customers. To me, that says something.

If these sheets are way out of your budget I also found that the Biltmore Sheets at Belk were quite nice and I’ve heard Macy’s has great deals on quality bedding. However again… TJ Maxx and Marshalls may still have them beat with Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren, and Pratesi sheets available for a fraction of the cost of department stores. Definitely worth looking into.

I did however cheap out on decor pillows and bought cheap ones from Ana’s Linens and Target. Why buy expensive pillows that you won’t even sleep on? I figured that made up for my expense purchase of sheets and bedding.

PS: One final tip on bedding: wash it separately and with non-chlorine detergent that has no additives or fragrance. This is the best way to keep your sheets looking good and lasting for years.

What’s on your bed?